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We offer FREE market analysis for your property.


"The heart of a market analysis is the appraisal market approach. The broker or agent will research other similar homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold and also those that are up for sale. These similar homes are known as comparables or comps. The agent will also analyze how long it took to sell the other homes or how long they have been on the market. This allows for the marketing analysis to spot and consider marketing trends, thus forecasting the future plus using historical data to estimate the value of your home."


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Many soon-to-be sellers ask us how we can help them sell faster and get the best price.


Our answer to them is always one word: SERVICE.


In today’s market you need an expert. Our business is to provide sellers with a plan and all the tools necessary to craft their “For Sale” sign into a “SOLD!” sign.


Here’s how: 


Design: Our first step is to create a custom blueprint to sell your home, which we call the marketing plan. We nail down a market analysis to help you establish the best asking price to insure top dollar. Then we measure your equity to estimate how much you’ll net from the sale, advise you on preparing your home so it stands out from the competition, and list it in MLS to effectively put every agent in town to work selling your home. 


Build: Next, we use our skills to maximize your home’s exposure by conduction tours for other agents, showing your home to qualified buyers, and advertising your home as needed. Plus, We keep you up-to-date on any developments and monitor real estate trends that affect your blueprint to a fast sale. With the right buyer, we hammer out a contract designed to get you the possible price, and I help buyers cut through lenders’ red tape to get the best financing. 


Finish: Finally, We help take the rough edges off paperwork prior to settlement, polish off closing details and appointments and see you through settlement or escrow to make sure your interests aren't painted into a corner.


If you would like to see how we can craft your next home sale with expert service, give us a call.


We’d be glad to discuss a custom-built marketing strategy just for you.  State-Of-The-Art Marketing Tool for Streamlined Home sales.                  


When we list your home, one of the first things we do is give your property data to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that serves participating area real estate companies.


The vital statistics include price; lot size; home size; age; style and material; the number, size and use of rooms; special features (such as deck); heating and cooling systems; water/sewage system; annual taxes; mortgage balance; amount of monthly payment; cash needed to assume an existing mortgage (if assumable); and cash needed to take a second mortgage. This pertinent information is then readily accessible to other real estate professionals either via a computer program or a book. The MLS is a great tool for streamlining your homesale.


We use it for:


Setting the Price: To arrive at the right price for your home, we review MLS information on sales of comparable homes, including price and types of financing used. 


Maximum Home Exposure: Once your home is in the MLS, hundreds of local real estate professionals know about its availability and can show it to qualified buyers. Any one of these real estate professionals could bring you a buyer from out of town or from our own area. 


Matching Buyers and Sellers: Using a prospective buyer’s requirements for a home, real estate professionals use the MLS to search among all the houses listed, to compile a list of homes that match the buyer’s “wish list.”


To find out more about how the MLS can help you, please call us. We’d be happy to advise you about this state-of-the-art marketing tool. 


Selling By Design: When we go to work crafting your home sale, our first step is to draft a blueprint- a marketing plan to bring the maximum number of qualified prospects to look at your home. A prospect may come from a pool of buyers searching for homes like yours. Some are already looking at properties with us or other agents in our company. Many come to us because they like the neighborhood around one of our listings that was purchased by another buyer. Other buyers are attracted by advertising such as classifieds, our neighborhood direct mail, Yellow Pages, and the like. Many come to “open houses.” Our best source of interested purchasers is referrals from a large network of contacts.


For instance: Satisfied customers · Friends and neighbors · Nationwide relocation contacts · Business associates · Cooperating brokers  All of these, as well as the Multiple Listing Service, are resources we consider when we create a custom marketing plan to craft your “For Sale” into “SOLD!” 


Can we Help a Friend?  Satisfied clients are the heart of our business. If you know of people we can help, please ask them to call us. We’ll guarantee top quality service for all their real estate needs. We very much appreciate your confidence.