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Congratulations Jason & family on your new home!

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It was a pleasure working with you!
March 9, 2023

Another Satisfied Customer!
Ashley & Jake! 4.5.19

~ Top Producer 2018 ~

Another Great Settlement

Congrats Mr & Mrs Harriman on a smooth & professional sale.


Pictured: Jennifer Jones (Lakeside Title Company) Billy Fitzgerald (Mr. Lister) & Mr & Mrs. Thomas Campbell


Pictured (left to right):  Andre Collins, Tim Twigg, Wanda Twigg, and Billy Fitzgerald

2015 Top Producer

2015 Outstanding Sales Achievement

Toys For Tots Winner

Winner of 25 gift card for Toys for Tots 
Erie Insurance of Mechanicsville Steve Mattingly  

Budds Creek Road Settlement

Meeting the needs of the satisfied seller.  
Exceeding expectation of the purchaser, he was very happy.



Christmas Party 2015







 Pictured:  Jen Jones, Billy Fitzgerald,

Trier Albanezi and Andre Collins


White Stag Rd.



 Pictured:  James Dean and Billy Fitzgerald




 Pictured:  Kelly Burch, Billy Fitzgerald, Diane Hall




Pictured: Billy Fitzgerald & Trier Albanezi 





 Pictured:  Randy & Jill Stauffer and Billy Fitzgerald


James Rd.






 Pictured:  Jean Janzegers and Billy Fitzgerald


Baptist Church Rd.


The winner of the Garden Basket and $50.00 gift card drawing was David Leman.

Pictured:  Wanda C. Wagner and David Leman






 Pictured:  Jen Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Campbell, Buyers, and Billy Fitzgerald


The winner of the Easter Basket and $50.00 gift card drawing was Russell Weekley. Congrats!!!!Pictured from left to right: Russell Weekley, Billy Fitzgerald, Anne Weekley and Monica Weekley.







Billy Fitzgerald, Thomas & Teresa Farrell


Dillon Court


 Supporting the Seventh District Easter Breakfast







 St. Patrick's Day Party



Winners of T-Shirts:

Brett Irwin and Joe Luskus













Valentine's Dinner Gift Card Winner

Mike & Sharyn Hutson



 Pictured:  Sharyn Hutson and Billy Fitzgerald











 Top Producer for 2014

Mark Thompson











 Outstanding Sales 2014

Serwaa (Sissy) King













Pictured:  Serwaa King,  Angela Harris

Vista Ct. 






 Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers

3rd Annual Christmas Party

 Thanks for all those who came out

and to those who donated to

Toys For Tots!!




 Winner of the all you can eat crab legs at Kevin's Corner Kafe:


Steve Paul


Winners of Christmas Ornaments:


Stephen Raley

Beanda Monshower

Jim Bacot

Barbara Hicks

Chris Quade

Libby Blair

Gary Simpson

Jack Russell

Nicole Langer










Pictured:  Mr. & Mrs. Campbell, Buyers and Billy Fitzgerald, Agent

Joan Dr. 












Pictured: Billy Fitzgerald Agent, Joe Young  Buyer, Lisa Norris Freedom Title 

 Blueberry Lane.




















Oakley Rd. 





Elizabeth Drive


Pictured: Jenn Jones, Foote Title Group - Wanda Wagner, Fitzgerald - Bobby Fisher, Buyer - Jim Moran, First Home Mortgage






Three Notch Rd.




McIntosh Rd





6775 Charlene Court


Another Great Settlement!!


18997 Three Notch Rd.

St. Patty's Day BASH!! March 16, 2014


Thanks to all who attended!!

Good friends, food, music & drink!!!

Drawing Winners: Lilly Blair, Dave Norris, Bill Fitzpatrick, Cindy Slattey, Bobby Wentworth, John Townshend, Evelyn Arnold, Norma Buckler, Congrats to All!!!

     Hope to see
you all

 next year!!

Another Settlement
Happy Customers!

Port Place



Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers had their second annual Christmas Party. 
Those who donated to the Toys For Tots were entered in a drawing for
dinner for two.  Congratulations to Marianna Schwien who was our winner.





Pictured:  Billy Fitzgerald and Debbie Stone

Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers set up a booth at the Apple Festival on
October 13, 2013.  We had a drawing for a $50 Dinner Gift Card.  Here is pictured
the receiving of the gift card to our winner, Debbie Stone


Pictured:  Billy Fitzgerald, Dan Ellis, Sarah Mulford

Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers along with First Home Mortgage, Jim Moran, set up 
a booth at the St. Mary's County Fair on September 19th thru 22nd, 2013.  There was a
 large turnout for our booth.  We had a drawing for $250 Best Buy Gift Card.  Here is
pictured the receiving of the gift card to our winner, Dan Ellis.






            University Dr.








         Another Happy Customer           

   BABBS Locksmith Services, LLC.
Mobile Locksmith - Bonded
Brian A. Small
Professionalism At Work

Let Fitzgerald help with all your Real Estate needs!


Agents say So. Md. Real estate ‘slowly bouncing back’


Billy Fitzgerald, owner of Fitzgerald Realty and Auctioneers, stands outside Hills Country Store earlier this month in Helen, a property he has up for sale.

Realtors, lenders concur: As usual, market is all about supply and demand

Real estate agents in Southern Maryland say they’re optimistic about where the region’s market is heading.

“There is some energy there,” said Steuart Bowling, Southern Maryland Association of Realtors director of technology and new business development. “It’s moving generally in the right direction.

” Bud Humbert, SMAR’s president-elect, who has been in the industry for 27 years, said Southern Maryland’s market is “slowly bouncing back” after hitting bottom in the mid-2000s. “Before ’05, nobody could do wrong,” Humbert said. “If you could breathe, you could get a loan.” Humbert said people didn’t realize the effects until the market collapsed and “hit everything real hard.” After that, he explained, banks started reworking and evaluating potential lenders.

“We’re still struggling,” Humbert concluded of Southern Maryland’s market, “but I would say the market is going up. It’s definitely not stagnant."

The chief reason “we aren’t coming back as quickly as I think we should be” is the lack of inventory across the region, he said. When there is a limited market of houses, they aren’t on the market for long and sell rather quickly. He explained that in a good real estate market, houses would be on the market for an average of about 90 days. Anything more would mean there’s too much inventory. Anything less means there’s not enough, he said.

Bowling said he has noticed a decline in the average number of days a house is on the market. In the past, he said, it was “ideal” to get one sold and settled in 30 to 60 days. “

All three counties are moving in that direction,” Bowling said, citing April’s average for Calvert County at 128 days on the market, which he called “not too bad,” Charles County’s at 82 days and St. Mary’s at 106 days.

Dontae Carroll, Long and Foster regional manager for Southern Maryland and Prince George’s County who is also the manager of the Waldorf sales office, said that Charles County “has a healthy supply” of inventory $350,000 and higher, but “the sweet spot is between $150,000 and $300,000.” Carroll has been in the industry for 14 years and in Southern Maryland’s marketplace since 2004.

Carroll said “a very key metric” is months of supply because it “gives you some insight to how the market really is.”

Months of supply is calculated by dividing current inventory by current sales. That indicates how many months would be needed to sell the entire inventory available at the current rate of demand, according to a Long and Foster report. Carroll said a six-month supply of inventory is “generally considered a normal market.”

In April, there was a supply of 5.3 months available in Charles County, compared to 7.7 months of supply available in April 2012, according to a Long and Foster Market Minute report for the county.
A similar report for St. Mary’s County shows there was 6.3 months of supply available in April versus 9.2 months of supply available in April 2012. Calvert County’s report shows there was 8.1 months of supply available in April, compared to 8.8 months of supply in April 2012.
“We need more inventory,” said Judy Szynborski, an agent with The McNelis Group LLC in Solomons who has been in the industry since 1988. “What’s out there isn’t enough.”

Szynborski said that in her experience, people want a standard sell “and they’re being snatched up.” She said the problem is that most of the market consists of foreclosures and short sales that are sold “as is,” and may need work.
“What is still out there needs to be revamped,” but it’s usually not worth the buyer’s investment if they can buy a newly constructed home for the same price as one that needs repair and renovation, she said.

Szynborski said those types of units are best left for investors. “When people are willing to invest in real estate, that should be an indicator to everybody” that the market is on the right track because “they feel it’s a safe investment,” she said.
Buyer’s market?
Seller’s market?

The real estate market is “good for both parties” right now, Szynborski said.

For sellers, Bowling explained, the market is in a place where they’re receiving about 90 to 95 percent of their asking price on a unit.
“That has been trending in the right direction lately,” he said, explaining that in 2010 in Calvert, for example, sellers could expect to see a house sell for about 80 percent of its original asking price.

In April in Calvert County, the selling-price-to-original-list-price ratio was 92.2 percent, according to RealEstate Business Intelligence, a Metropolitan Regional Information Systems company that tracks monthly market statistics.

For St. Mary’s County, the RBI data for April show that the ratio was 92.5 percent. In Charles County in April, the RBI data ratio was 96 percent.

The selling-price-to-original-list-price ratio Southern Marylanders are seeing, Bowling said, still has “negotiating room.” The two prices aren’t “so far apart that people aren’t willing to make a deal,” he said.

The average selling price for a residential unit also increased in all three Southern Maryland counties in 2012 over the average selling price for the same type of homes in 2011. In Calvert, there was a minimal increase from 2011 to 2012 of 0.47 percent, compared to St. Mary’s and Charles, whose increases were 4.21 percent and 3.3 percent, respectively, according to RBI year-end market statistics.

Interest rates are at historic lows, giving buyers greater buying power, said Connie Fitzgerald, the top-producing agent with RE/MAX 100 in St. Mary’s County. The average interest rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is between 3.25 and 3.5 percent.
According to a graph detailing interest rates over the last 200 years from Eddie Logan, branch manager and mortgage loan officer for PrimeLending in Owings, current interest rates of up to 3.5 percent are as low as they were in 1958.

According to other data from Logan, the payment for an average home is about the same as 30 years ago because of the low interest rates.

For example, for a $246,800 home in February with a 3.5 percent interest rate, the monthly payment would be about $1,115, which the data show is usually less than the current rental rates of about $1,350 a month.
“It’s absolutely the time for first-time home buyers to jump into the marketplace,” Carroll said.

Fitzgerald said people who are thinking about buying should buy now before the interest rates increase, which Szynborski said could occur soon. Szynborski said the adjustment may be mild and a little at a time, but it will happen.
“Knowing that’s in the future,” Szynborski said, “drives people to get serious about buying. Real buyers are making decisions. If they’re not ready to go, they’re gonna lose out.”

Sometimes it’s ‘survival of the fittest’

“In the market’s heyday, a lot of people came into the real estate market,” said Billy Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers in St. Mary’s County. Then, when the country went into the recession and the housing market collapsed, he said, “a lot of people couldn’t afford to stay” in the business and had to look for other employment. “It was really survival of the fittest,” he said.

Humbert said, “The Realtors who were able to stick it out are doing really well.” He said SMAR is about 250 to 300 members lighter “than we were before in the booming market. But our numbers are increasing.”
“I’m very lucky,” said Billy Fitzgerald, who is also chairman of SMAR’s commercial and industrial committee. He added that he’s had “a very good career” in Southern Maryland over the last 40 years in the residential and commercial market.

Connie Fitzgerald, who said she’s been in the marketplace for about nine years, said, “I always stay busy.” She said she was busy even after the market fell.
“The market is really good for me,” she said, explaining that she had 70 transactions in 2012 and is on target to have 93 this year.
“It’s about being a business professional, honest, a good communicator with your clients, knowing the market and being able to adapt to changes in the marketplace,” Connie Fitzgerald said of her success in real estate.
A positive mindset, she said, is also helpful to her success because it “helps navigate through the challenges in the marketplace.”

Billy Fitzgerald said part of his success in surviving the marketplace has been learning to work smarter rather than harder. Real estate agents learned to use the technology available to them, like the Internet, he explained.
“Realtors don’t have to put in as many hours to serve a client,” he said. 



Second Dollar General store moving into northern St. Mary’s

Will be bargain chain’s second location in area Billy Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Realty stands on the site of a new Dollar General store in Mechanicsville at Old Village Road and Route 5. The store will be 12,480 square feet and should be open this summer. 

  A second Dollar General store is coming to northern St. Mary’s County, across Route 5 from the Mechanicsville Wawa. It will join a Dollar General nearby in Charlotte Hall.
Realtor Billy Fitzgerald sold the 2.7 acres last December on the corner of Old Village Road and Route 5 for $550,000. The highly visible property along the principal highway leading to and from Waldorf is cleared now for the store’s construction.
The building permit calls for construction of a 12,480-square-foot store, said Harry Knight, permits coordinator for the St. Mary’s County Department of Land Use and Growth Management.
“It’s going to be pretty big,” Fitzgerald said.

By comparison, Knight said the Tractor Supply Co., which opened in Hollywood recently, is 20,000 square feet.

Fitzgerald said he has owned the lot where the new Dollar General will go for 20 years. “I’ve had contracts come and go. [Dollar General] came along and offered a favorable price.

” The store should be open by mid-summer. “It’s just a matter of Mother Nature cooperating with us,” he said. The store will be accessed by southbound Route 5 and Old Village Road. “I’m sure they’re going to have items people need on the way home,” he said.

The Charlotte Hall Dollar General was remodeled in May 2012 and will remain open, said Crystal Ghassemi, public relations manager for the Dollar General Corp.
“The reason these stores are close together is because we know convenience is a major factor in our customers’ shopping decisions as we generally serve customers within a 3-5 mile radius, or 10 minute drive,” she said in an email.
“We look for places where we can offer customers an easy and convenient shopping choice. We also take demographic trends, competitive factors and traffic patterns into consideration. These locations are a great fit for Dollar General,” she said.
Each store employs six to 10 people, Ghassemi said.
An average of 29,750 vehicles a day travel by the intersection where Route 5 and Route 235 merge into Route 5 in Mechanicsville, according to the Maryland State Highway Administration.
Steven Anderson became the new director of the St. Mary’s County Department of Economic and Community Development in October. “I’d much rather have a high-end development,” he said last week of the second Dollar General. “Those are not the kind of developments I want to see in St. Mary’s County.”

But the economic reality is that bargain stores “are always busy,” he said. Walmarts are seen in wealthy areas, he noted.
“While their presence will generally not inhibit other development, it’s just further justification for a change of course in economic development,” he said.

The median household income in St. Mary’s County was $82,529 in 2011, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Northern St. Mary’s County has the Charlotte Hall, New Market and Mechanicsville town centers, areas of designated development, but none of them have central sewer service. A $50,000 master plan for Charlotte Hall is included in the proposed fiscal 2013 budget for the department of land use and growth management.  


Thank you to all who attended Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting. It was a great success, and so wonderful to see so many of you.


The winners of our drawings:

Jean Burch - Dinner Gift Card

Jim Bacot (Brooks Run Builders) - 100.00 Gift Card





St. Mary's - Ryken Gala

March 17, 2012 (St. Patty's Day)





Great time, great fundraiser! Really enjoyed working with the committee members.





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We had great service, we would recommend to family & friends, would work with again, very helpful and went the extra mile to help, very friendly, professional and answered all our questions, returned our calls, emails and text messages very quickly, very reliable and efficient, extremely helpful & informative, very knowledgeable.


~ Randy and Jill Stauffer/St. Mary's Seller

Billy was the best, helped me with everything and got it done. I'm very happy and satisfied.


~ Joe Young / St. Mary's Buyer

Very good experience with Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers.


~ Rick Greer/St. Marys Buyer

Billy got the job done!


~ Wally Yowaiski/St. Mary's Seller

Fitzgerald Realty helped us find the home we wanted to invest in and guided us through the process of buying it. Settlement was conveniently done in their office and went very smoothly. We are planning to purchase again through this company. Thanks Billy


~ Tom & Betty Campbell/St Mary's Buyer

I reached out to Fitzgerald to find a rental for myself and two kids. I spoke first to Office MGT. , she was very helpful. She then put me in good hand with Mark Thompson. He was helpful, showed me property, answered all my questions, punctual and any time was a good time for him. He definitely was there to help! Thank you so much and when I'm ready to do the whole buying of a house goal I will definitely be calling up Fitzgerald Realty :)


~ Leighann Myers / St. Marys Renter

Billy Fitzgerald was very diligent in keeping us informed on the status of the sale and the settlement for the property that we had for sale. He currently has one other listing for us and feel confident that he will be successful in finding a buyer for this property as well. We will certainly recommend Fitzgerald Realty to our family and friends.


~ Linda Tyler / St. Marys Seller

I want to thank you for getting my Townhouse sold. The way you took the photos, listed it and being "straight" with me on the asking price made all the difference. I also want to thank you for the excellent service I received while in your capable hands. You are a TRUE SOUTHERN MARYLAND GENTLEMAN and an OUTSTANDING Real Estate Agent. Again, Thank you Billy ....


~ Carolyn "Judy" Bakewell / St. Marys Seller

We had great service! We would recommend Billy to family & friends. He was very helpful and went the extra mile to help and would work with again. He was very professional, friendly and answered all our questions. He would return our calls, emails & text messages very quickly. He was extremely helpful, reliable & efficient, also very informative & knowledgeable. I give him 5 stars!


~ John Taylor / St. Marys Seller

Good professional, courtesies service. The agent went to bat for me on every opportunity. After the deal was struck Billy aka (COL) did all that was expected and moved rapidly to wrap to entire transaction up. My family appreciated working with Billy and the Fitzgerald Real Estate family and we would recommend their services to others.


~ Mark Steedley / St. Marys Buyer

Billy went far beyond what anyone else before him did. Billy is a great person and will be the only one I ever recommend!


~ Craig Tiburzi / St. Marys Buyer

Amazingly when I saw a Fitzgerald Sign in the front of property I had to have, I reached out to Mr. Billy Fitzgerald and in less than a month the necessary people were contacted to assist in a short wait to closing. I would gladly recommend The Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers to family and friends.


~ Brian Small / St. Marys Buyer

My husband and I were very satisfied with the expertise and helpfulness of Mr. Fitzgerald. 4 stars


~ Carol Pingleton / St. Marys Seller

I wanted to commend Fitzgerald Realty & Auctioneers for the great job that they have done, for the many years of selling Real Estate for me and my clients. I have always found you very responsive. “A successful transaction is never an accident it is the result of personal service and a sincere effort”. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Rudolf A. Carrico Jr. Attorney at Law


~ Rudolf A. Carrico, Jr. / Charles County Seller

Awesome ! We are so happy with Billy & Fitzgerald Realty !


~ Misty Peed / St. Marys Buyer

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